• 01.
    Roof Cleaning

    Those black streaks growing on your roof are not JUST dirt!

  • 02.
    House Cleaning

    Our soft washing method works great on homes, without pressure!

  • 03.
    Gutter Cleaning

    Clean Suds removes all debris that has accumulated in your gutters.

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    Other Surfaces

    Our soft wash method can clean any outdoor surface safely!

  • 05.
    Commercial Cleaning

    Let us maintain your building with scheduled maintenance.

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    Why Soft Washing?

    Soft washing is more effective then pressure washing! Find out how...

Why Soft Washing?

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing has been the accepted practice in our industry for years, but as the industry evolves, so do our techniques and processes.  Pressure washing does remove dirt and grime from surfaces but it does so at a cost. It can cause damage to paint by chipping, windows can be broken, and seals on door and window panes can be blown out causing a fogging effect, which eliminates the thermal barrier.  If a pressure washer is used on a roof, it will void the warranty and look to replace your roof in the near future.  The only thing that a pressure washer is still recommended to be used for is concrete driveways and sidewalks and removing paint. 

Soft washing is more effective then pressure washing because it sanitizes the surface instead of mechanically removing it by blasting it.  This process will prevent regrowth longer then pressure washing and avoids damaging surfaces and is gentler to your property all the way around

Examples of Damage from Pressure Washing